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Selling a Dental Practice

OMNI Dental Practice Group can make selling a dental practice a quicker transition. We work hard t sell your practice. Don’t waste years, talk to us today! How OMNI Dental Practice Group Can Help Speed Up the Process of Selling a Dental Practice Selling a dental practice, also known as dental practice transitions, is a time consuming and often stressful experience, both for the seller and for the buyer. Even with a professional to help with the process, it can sometimes take years to complete. OMNI Dental Practice Group can help to streamline the selling process, making the transition smoother and much quicker for all involved.

Hard Work and Dedication

On average, it takes approximately 200 man hours to complete a transition from start to finish.

The experienced team at OMNI Dental Practice Group work hard to complete the process as quickly as possible by focusing on each client’s needs, while maintaining complete confidentiality until the sale is completed. One way OMNI Dental Practice Group does this is by showing the dental practice after hours, over the weekends, and will even conduct showings throughout the holidays as needed. When it comes to selling a dental practice, OMNI Dental Practice Group is dedicated to the success of their client, before, during, and after the sale.

Keeping the Buyer Focused

Due diligence is a key part in dental practice transitions. The experts at OMNI Dental Practice Group strive to keep buyers focused throughout each step of the process. Obtaining financing, for example, can be a complicated and drawn out step in selling a dental practice. Through assisting buyers with the financing portion of dental practice transitions, OMNI Dental Practice Group helps maintain the momentum of the sale up to closing, regardless of the type of transition needed to ensure the best possible outcome from both the seller and the buyer.


Hundreds of doctors have successfully bought and sold their practices through the OMNI Dental Practice Group. The experience allows the professionals at OMNI Dental Practice Group to handle a wide variety of dental practice transitions throughout each step of selling a dental practice, with creative transitions and solutions being a specialty. Some of the types of dental practice transitions include:

  • Setting up associate to own agreements
  • Partnership sales
  • Merging practices
  • Outright sale of the practice

OMNI Dental Practice Group has the experience and resources to successfully perform all aspects of the transition process, such as:

  • Consulting
  • Valuations
  • Real Estate Services
  • Transitions and Sales

To learn more about how OMNI Dental Practice Groups helps doctors sell their dental practice in the Washington, Oregon, and California area, please contact their team of experienced professionals for a free consultation.

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