Tips for Hiring New Staff Members


You’re busy, you’re stressed and now you must dedicate time to hiring new staff to fill in the gaps left during your dental practice transition. So where do you start? There may be a great temptation to hire the first person who looks like he or she might fit the

Creating a Respectful Work Environment


Respect is part of the glue that holds your dental practice team together, and if your team isn’t feeling respected by their employer, it’s likely that they won’t be dishing it out, either. Let’s take a look at why respect is such an important core value in your practice and

Dealing with Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office


A medical emergency is one event that dental practices should be prepared for, and the level of preparation determines whether the emergency is handled successfully or not. In this article, we will examine how to develop a plan for handling a medical emergency, and which medical emergencies are most commonly

Celebrating the Holiday Season in Your Dental Practice


December offers up many reasons to celebrate the Holidays and it doesn’t really matter what your personal beliefs are; the festive season presents a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with your patients, and attract new ones. The rule of thumb here is to tie your messaging in with seasonality,

Mistakes for Dentists to Avoid When Considering Retirement


In 2014, the average dental salary was $166,000, making it one of the top ten earning professions in the country. Those statistics mean that dentists have a great base when it comes to planning for retirement. However, as with any entrepreneur, owning a practice usually means you have a large

Top 5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Office Manger

When recruiting an office manager, you’ll need to make sure your new hire has skills including initiative, character, experience, communication and a positive attitude. Making sure you hire based on these traits will put your dental practice and staff on the road to success. A Healthy Attitude When the going

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Dental Professionals


There’s a lot more to life than dentistry. Even though your profession may take up most of your time, it’s important to note that sustained, long term stress is bad for your health and your personal life. Making small changes now can lead to a better experience and a healthier

How to Make Your Office a Positive Workplace for Your Employees

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” but how can a leader influence their environment so that it’s an optimal workspace for others? What’s important to remember is that if you cannot build a positive practice and give your patients a positive first experience, you may quickly lose them to your competitors.

Explaining the Dangers of E-Cigarettes to Your Patients


In the last ten years, the use of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed. One argument against these devices is that although they were created with the intention of weaning smokers off cigarettes, they may now have the adverse effect of introducing teenagers to smoking, acting as a kind of ‘gateway drug.’ Various

Dos and Don’ts for Blogging


Ten years ago, a dentist could have been forgiven for questioning the validity of blogging and social media. Today, however, these channels have become essential tools for any dental professional hoping to add value to their practice. A dentist with an active online presence shows that he or she cares