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5 Benefits of Selling a Dental Practice Through OMNI Practice Group

When beginning the process of selling a dental practice, it’s imperative to work with specialists who have experience in selling dental practices. Experienced transaction brokers can help dental practice owners streamline the sale and achieve their ideal return on investment. The team at OMNI Practice Group are specialists in this industry, and in their latest article they highlight five benefits of selling a dental practice through their services.

1. They Are Marketing Specialists

Working with a trusted industry specialist such as OMNI Practice Group gives sellers access to a wider array of market options. Because the company’s staff has significant experience in the marketplace, they know how to quickly locate qualified buyers and to promote the seller’s practice in high visibility.

2. They’re Experts in Business Transitions

The specialists at OMNI Practice Group have many years of experience in business transitions. They’ve helped hundreds of sellers to achieve their ideal objectives through the selling of their dental practice. This means they can guide sellers throughout the entire process, from finding qualified buyers to completing negotiations and due diligence alongside the buyer’s legal team.

3. Frees Up the Business Owner’s Time

The work of Omni Practice Group helps to support business owners in running their organization throughout the negotiations. They won’t have to take time away from their business to review the marketplace or to deal directly with buyer negotiations. They can leave all the work to the team at OMNI Practice Group. This also means that they can retain the value of their company throughout the transaction, helping to support the on-going growth of the company and meet the needs of their patients while OMNI Practice Group responds to all transition requirements.

4. They can Prepare the Business for Sale

Because of OMNI Practice Group’s experience in the marketplace, they know what it takes to prepare a company for sale. They can pinpoint structural issues within a business and help the seller to eliminate these structural issues before the sale begins. They can also highlight the elements the buyer will be analyzing during their due diligence, and complete processes areas such as the completing of all equipment paperwork to ensure every part of the transaction is in place before the sale begins.

5. They Seamlessly Close Business Transactions

The length of time a business transaction takes to complete can have a significant impact on a business owner and their finances. The team at OMNI Practice Group works to reduce the sales timeframe and streamline the closing process. They ensure each element of the sale is completed according to the seller’s timeframe, and help reduce closing costs to ensure optimal value for the business.

Specialists for the sale of dental practice businesses, OMNI Practice Group is committed to working with sellers across the marketplace in finding qualified buyers for their practice. To learn more on the company and their services, contact their office team today at 877.866.6053 or visit our online form.

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