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The National Association of Practice Brokers (NAPB) is a specialized and unique organization whose mission is to facilitate the selling or purchasing of dental practices across the United States. As dental practice brokers, we provide full-service dental practice brokering, which means that if you have a dental practice to sell, we can help you every step of the way, or if you want to purchase an established dental practice, we can help you with that as well. Our dental practice brokerage professionals have on average more than 35 years of experience buying and selling dental practices, and transitioning practices and practice owners with ease.

With an NAPB broker at the helm, you can buy, sell, or relocate your practice without the time, hassle, and additional costs of purchasing property, establishing your practice and brand, and selling the previous property – all while trying to run your business.

The National Association of Practice Brokers offers guidance through the valuation process, the selling or purchase of the property and practice, the transition from one owner to another and any and all transactions related to the dental office transition process.

What is a Dental Practice Broker?

A dental practice broker, or dental office broker, is a professional who helps dentists buy and/or sell dental practices. Whether you are retiring or relocating and want to sell your practice, or if you’re a recently certified dental professional looking to purchase an established dental practice, a dental practice broker can guide you every step of the way through the dental office acquisition or sales process. When you have a dental office broker working on your behalf,  you can rest assured that all official transactions and dental practice transitions will be made as seamless as possible.

What Does a Dental Practice Broker Do?

A dental practice broker is a trained and trustworthy professional who can guide you through every single step of the dental office transition process. From finding a practice to dental practice valuation, through purchasing or selling, negotiations and contracts, and all the way through to the dental practice transition from one practice owner to the new practice owner, dental office brokers can lend a hand.  As dental practice broker experts, we are there to guide and mentor you—but our level of involvement is totally at your discretion. We can help you when you just need a professional dental practice valuation, or we can be there with you in your dental transition from start to finish.

The dental practice brokers of The National Association of Practice Brokers are dedicated experts who are confident that they can provide you with high quality, dependable, honest, professional dental office broker services.

How Can NAPB Help You?

Is retirement around the corner? Are you looking to relocate to a sunnier climate? Do you want to buy a trusted, established dental practice and begin your dental career on a solid foundation? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need the professional dental practice brokerage services of The National Association of Practice Brokers. Our trained and courteous dental office brokers are ready and able to provide you with the following services:

If you’re looking to buy or sell a dental practice with ease, you can rely on the professionalism of the dental practice brokers of The National Association of Practice Brokers. From searching to selling, through every transaction, we are there to offer our expertise and support through each step of the dental practice transition.

Call us today to speak with a dental office brokerage professional, or fill out our contact form to get started on the process of buying or selling your dental practice today.

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