dental practice valuation NAPB practice appraisalThe National Association of Practice Brokers is a professional dental practice valuation company with an average of more than 35 years’ experience providing our clients with high-quality, accurate, detailed valuations and appraisals. Whether you’re retiring, looking into new opportunities, are moving to a new region, or are making a lifestyle change, when you decide to sell your dental practice, a dental practice valuation, and a dental practice appraisal are two of the very first things that must be completed.

What is Dental Practice Valuation?

When it’s time to sell your dental practice, you want to make sure that you can get a value that will make you and your buyer happy. When selling, you need to ask, “How much is my dental practice worth?” Dental practice valuation is the process of analyzing and compiling information on property worth, assets (inventory, stock, staff, bank accounts, etc…), historical financial statements, and income potential, and then recommending an overall value of your dental practice.

What to look for When Valuating Your Dental Practice

When valuating a dental practice, NAPB provides the practice seller with:

  • An accurate fair market value of the practice property
  • A detailed analysis of the dental practice (inventory, furniture, equipment, assets, staff)
  • Historical financial statements over the life of the practice
  • Adjusted dental practice financial statements
  • Lender approved sale price for potential buyers so property can be listed quickly

Statistically, most American dental practices sell for less than 95% of their valuated purchase price, which means that for you to get what want for your practice you need an accurate and high dental practice valuation.
dental practice valuation and dental practice valuation NAPB

What is a Dental Practice Appraisal?

A dental practice appraisal provides the dental practice seller with the following crucial information, which will allow them to sell their practice for close to what it’s worth:

  • An analysis of “goodwill” factors
  • Fair Market Value
  • Detailed inspection of the dental practice, including interviews with the dentists and staff
  • Market Data Comparison and the Capitalization of Earnings appraisal methods for the best appraisal techniques
  • Access to market transaction databases for a deeper, broader view of what your practice can be worth
  • Detailed records of practice valuations and the actual sale prices

A professional and experienced NAPB dental practice appraisal specialist will:

  • Accurately value a dental practice
  • Increase seller confidence
  • Greatly reduce chances for dental practice transition failure
  • Obtaining complete financial coverage for the purchase of the property-for the buyer
  • Valuate your practice at its true value, not an inflated value that can steal money from your pocket

Why is Valuation and Appraisal Important?

If you’re selling your dental practice, knowing how much your practice (assets, contents, staff, property, etc…) is worth can help your dental practice transition specialist from NAPB get the best price for your practice. You’ve spent years of your life building your practice, and with the National Association of Practice Brokers you will get out of your practice, what you put into it.

How can NAPB Help with the Valuation and Appraisal Process?NAPB Dental Practice Appraisal Brokers

When you choose NAPB to help with the selling of your dental practice, you’re getting a vetted and experienced dental practice valuation professional who can evaluate your practice as a local business, as a form of investment property, as an asset, and will help you measure the tangible and intangible financial aspects to determine what affects the overall value of your dental practice.

To learn more about how the National Association of Practice Brokers can successfully valuate and appraise your dental practice, contact us today. You can sell your dental practice and get the value you believe it deserves.